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The Full Story


Welcome to Alameda Mold Guys, where our mission is driven by a personal experience that sparked a commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of families in our community. Our journey began when a family member fell seriously ill due to elevated levels of mold lurking within their own home.

Out of nowhere, a young and healthy 30-year old became plagued by persistent respiratory issues that seemed to worsen within the confines of their home.  It was only a chance comment from a friend, uttered in passing, planted the seed "I hope it's not mold!"


A professional mold inspection and testing revealed that the concentration of mold inside the house was a staggering 3000% higher than the levels found outside. Shockingly, this mold remained invisible to the naked eye, concealed within the walls following a previous water leak in the bathroom.

This revelation served as the catalyst for the creation of Alameda Mold Guys. Driven by a fervent desire to prevent others from enduring similar ordeals, we pledged to make it our mission to safeguard homes and families from the hidden dangers of mold infestation.

At Alameda Mold Guys, we understand the profound impact that mold can have on health, well-being, and peace of mind. With our expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we stand ready to serve our community by providing comprehensive mold inspection and testing services.

Your safety and the health of your loved ones are our top priorities. Join us in our mission to create healthier living environments for all. Welcome to Alameda Mold Guys – where your peace of mind begins.


"Our mission at Alameda Mold Guys is simple: to protect the health and safety of our community through precise and trustworthy mold testing services. We're committed to providing homeowners and property owners with the information they need to ensure healthier indoor environments. With our thorough testing and clear communication, we strive to promptly identify and address mold issues, creating safer spaces for everyone."


"Our vision at Alameda Mold Guys is to be the trusted leader in mold testing, setting the standard for excellence and innovation in our industry. We aim to expand our reach and impact, safeguarding communities nationwide by raising awareness about the importance of indoor air quality and providing unparalleled testing solutions. Through our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, we envision a future where every home and building is free from the harmful effects of mold, fostering healthier environments for generations to come."

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